Finding Care

Finding care which works for you and your child is important, so it is important you take the time to choose the Educator who best suits your needs. Before you visit a service of any care type, including Foundations Family Day Care, think about things that are important to you and your family and make note of some questions you would like to ask the Educator.

These may include;

  • How will I know what activities my child has done that day?
  • What is the sleeping routine like?
  • How will my child’s heritage be incorporated in the education program?
  • How does the service reflect the community in which it is located?

You can see a range of educational settings operated by our Educators by going to their location and then selecting their name here:

If you are interested in accessing care through Foundations Family Day Care, please contact us on either 0421 599 416 or We will ask you a few questions about your and your child’s needs and will refer you to some Educators who appear to meet what you are looking for. We will also arrange for an information kit to be sent to you.

Please give the Educators a call and arrange a time to meet them. Have a look at the physical set-up of the whole service and consider whether your child will be happy and safe. Consider whether the service is equipped to meet your child’s particular needs, including disability or cultural requirements.

The Family Day Care Educator will become a very important person in your child’s life. Developing a strong partnership built on mutual respect and communication will help ensure your child gets the best possible care.

Once you have decided which Educator you will choose, you need to arrange with the Coordination Unit to complete the legal requirements.

imilar to many children’s services, Foundations Family Day Care charges a bond to secure a child’s place in our service. This bond is held until the final fortnight of your booking and used to cover the last account. Any excess will be promptly refunded to the family.
Foundations Family Day Care accesses Child Care Benefit, and other related subsidies, to reduce the cost of care and education for eligible families.Due to the diverse geographical areas covered by our service, the differing qualification levels of our Educators and the variety of services and extras provided, there is a range of hourly rates charged. Your Educator will be able to provide you with information about the rates charged for their service. In general terms, our hourly rate varies between $6 and $15 per child per hour, with most care and education being provided for around $9 per hour. Please be aware that all hourly rates include the service’s Administration Levy.Accounts need to be paid by the start of each fortnight. If any additional services have been provided beyond your standard booking, these will be added to the next account.We recognise that, at times, families may face financial challenges. We ask that, if this occurs to you, that you promptly contact our Coordinator, Kathi, on 0421 599 416 to make alternate arrangements. This may include a payment plan or investigating potential access to temporary, additional support from the government. By promptly making these arrangements and adhering to them, you will be able to avoid the late payment fee of $25 per week.

Your child will have received a hat when they registered with Foundations Family Day Care. If you require a new hat, the cost is $15.