Council Area: Whitehorse
Suburb: Mitcham
Name: Mei

Children need to feel happy, fun and enjoyable in a safe stimulating environment.

Children’s interests are very important for planning the program.  I will ensure children’s needs are met at all times and will actively interact.  Also, Children’s play is very important for learning about themselves, social, their environment and further develops skills.

I believe that children learn by exploring their environment.  I will provide educational experiences which will encourage a child’s development.

I believe messy play is an important part of children play.  I will provide sand play, water play, finger play and other related experiences.

I believe it is important that outdoor and indoor experiences need to have a balance.  Therefore, children will have indoor and outdoor plays regularly.

I believe that working with parents together can provide an enjoyable environment for children; parents’ feedbacks are very important and welcome at all times.

The consistent routine which I provide is flexible, dependant on children’s needs on any day.

Positive guidance is used to encourage positive behaviour for children.

If you would like to inquire about vacancies with this Educator, or to go onto the waiting list, please contact our Coordinator, Kathi, on 0421 599 416 during business hours, or email to